Admissions Office - Newark Campus

How To Apply - Freshman

The information below is intended for Freshman applicants. Freshman applicants are students who have graduated (or are graduating) from high school and meet ONE of the following requirements:

  • They have NOT yet attended another accredited college or university after completing high school.
  • They have attended another accredited college or university but have earned fewer than 12 credits.

Use the following links to review the requirements for Freshman Applicants:

Application Requirements

Freshman applicants MUST complete the following steps to be considered for admission to Rutgers University - Newark:

  1. Apply

    Click HERE to start the online application now.

  2. Pay Application Fee

    Pay the $65 application fee online or by mail.
    Submit a College Board fee waiver form signed by your guidance counselor.

  3. Submit High School Record

    Current high school students in U.S.A. education systems are required to self-report their courses, grades, grade point averages and rank-in-class with Rutgers' new free-standing online form: the Self-Reported Academic Record (SRAR). Please note the following:

    • DO NOT send an interim transcript to Rutgers prior to graduation.
    • To complete your SRAR, use a reference copy of your transcript.
    • The SRAR MUST include all courses and final grades earned from grades 9 through 11.
    • Discrepancies between a student's SRAR and official transcript may result in a student's admission to Rutgers being rescinded.

    GED Holders MUST submit official results and a transcript of any high school work attempted.

  4. Submit SAT/ACT Scores

    You DO NOT have to submit SAT or ACT scores if you meet ONE of the following conditions:

    • You graduated from high school before 2011 and are applying for Spring 2013 or Fall 2013 admission.
    • You have finished secondary school and have subsequently completed 12 or more college credits with final course grades available by the Early Action Date.

    All other applicants MUST submit official SAT or ACT scores. Scores MUST be sent directly from the testing agency to Rutgers. Please note the following:

    • Unofficial test scores CANNOT be accepted.
    • When requesting your scores, use our SAT code of 2765 or our ACT code of 2592.
    • The ACT score MUST include the writing component.
  5. Personal Essay

    The personal essay is required for all students. Personal essays MUST be included in the space provided on the online application. They cannot be sent separately.