Named the most diverse national university for 20 years in U.S. News & World Report

Rutgers University-Newark champions people from all walks of life to succeed and lead in our learning community. 



As Rutgers-Newark excels in major aspects like student diversity, academic instruction, and club activities, I have been able to develop social, professional, and leadership skills.
Zahir N.

IDEA Innovation Grant Program: Leverage and Celebrate Diversity Every Day

Diversity enhances excellence of ideas, innovation, learning, teaching, and community engagement. At Rutgers University–Newark, strong diversity is our reality!
The Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Advocacy (IDEA) Innovation Grant Program in Newark
The mission of the IDEA innovation grants is to support projects that enable students, faculty, and staff across Rutgers University to take an active role in building an inclusive community. LEARN MORE

The HLLC is an expression of the vision and hope for building a strong society that is palpable at Rutgers University–Newark. This intentional program underscores our commitment to diversity and building civic dialogue.
Dr. Timothy Eatman
Dean of the HLLC and Associate Professor of Urban Education in the NCAS

RU-N's Diversity Has A Positive Effect

We leverage diversity throughout our community to ignite imaginations, generate opinions, encourage civic dialogue, and empower world change makers. We challenge our RU-N community to intentionally build upon our legacy as a place of opportunity for everyone. RU-N is a place where difference is given a human face through the many personal paths, passions, and possibilities that converge here. We invite you to join us in this intellectually and socially stimulating community that values diversity for everyone—everyday!