The RU-N community has long recognized that our location is both a defining influence in our story and a distinctive strength. It attracts and cultivates talent on many levels, ranging from generations of students hungry for the opportunities afforded by a first-rate higher education in a major American urban center, to faculty who vigorously embrace the opportunity to produce high-impact scholarship, and engage the community while preparing these students for professional success and informed citizenship.

Express Newark

Experience our newest campus and community collaborative Express Newark located in the historic and newly redesigned Hahne's building.  Express Newark is a conceptual framework and an interdisciplinary learning space where artists and community residents collaborate, experiment, and innovate in partnership with Rutgers University – Newark faculty, staff, and students to engage in creative practice, foster democratic dialogue, and promote positive transformation. Conceived as a true collaborative in which community partners and the university can communicate on equal footing in what has been called, “The Third Space.”


We want people who walk past the building to feel included, to feel, That place is for me. -Anne Schaper Englot
Express Newark
University and Community Collaborative

University-Community Partnerships

The Office of University-Community Partnerships has a dynamic history grounded in principles of education, service, and community building with the greater Newark community. Our partnering footprint is sustained through key programs that make a difference such as OUCP Summer Academies, RU Ready to Work, Newark School Initiative, America Reads/Counts, New Fairmount Promise Neighborhood, and the African-American Brain Health Initiative.