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“Being a TA for the EOF program has been my best experience at Rutgers-Newark for me. The EOF program is for first-generation students to maximize our chance to attend college and build on our success.”
School of Arts & Sciences-Newark
Rutgers University–Newark

Giancarlo's Story

Why Rutgers-Newark?

On my first visit to the Rutgers University–Newark campus, I fell in love with the urban environment and felt that I could really capitalize on the diversity. I felt this is the best place to get my education.

Best Experience So Far

Being a TA for the EOF program has been my best experience at Rutgers.  The EOF program is for first-generation low-income students who come to college for the first time and experience four years of college. It is gratifying to see students who have little to no chance of education coming to this university and maximizing on their potential.

Accessible Faculty

My professors are so accessible and they helped me grow into the student I am today. All the professors in the writing program are so knowledgeable, supportive, and motivated to see the students grow.

Career Plans, Goals, and Dreams

When I’m finished with TA, I can enroll in the M.A. program and start teaching for the EOF program. My goal is to go to law school and become a compliance attorney. Rutgers helped me articulate my critical thinking skills, argumentation, discussion, debate, and engagement at a deeper level.

Involved in

I am a tutor in the writing center. I am also a member of the ALPA PHI DELTA fraternity. These organizations have very good leadership and community engagement opportunities and I am very, very motivated in projecting the voice of the students.

Community Connection

I am a part of ALLPA PHI DELTA fraternity on campus where we’ve had a lot of philanthropic functions. We had an event where we moved 20,000 cans of food to local food pantries. We do clothing donation to the homeless every winter in Penn station.

What I love most about Rutgers University-Newark?

I love the diversity and the people here. Interacting with every single ethnic group is really beautiful. I have friends from every country and we would never be able to project our voices if togetherness wasn’t something that was being projected at Rutgers University-Newark.

One word to describe Rutgers University-Newark

Inspiring. It’s the people that make this campus. Seeing all different types of people succeed and tap into their potential is really inspiring. The staff is very motivated.