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“ Rutgers-Newark has enabled me to effectively build leadership opportunities and a strong path towards medical school. As a student in the EOF program, I received sustainable support to keep me in school and pursuing my dream.”
Hansier's Story
School of Arts & Sciences-Newark
Rutgers University–Newark

Hansier's Story

Why Rutgers-Newark?

I chose Rutgers University-Newark because of all the support that it offered me throughout my college career.

Best Experience So Far

Being inducted into the Honors Living-Learning Community.

How does the faculty bring out the best in you? How accessible are the professors?

I love the fact that there is academic support all around the campus. Most professors are very flexible with their office hours and are very helpful and supportive.

Career Plans, Goals, and Dreams

Thanks to this diverse university, I have been able to expand my network and interact with others who have already gone through the pre-med path. This has helped me explore many opportunities to participate in leadership programs, which has helped me become the successful student I am today.

Provide and describe one word to describe Rutgers University-Newark and why?
Empowering. I chose this word because so far all my experiences at this University have helped me grow and become a better leader.