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“As a commuter, I end up having the best of both worlds. I am able to enjoy the relationships that I build with my peers, as well as take part in the various events on campus, without missing out on other important parts of my life.”
Clinical Laboratory Sciences
School of Arts & Sciences-Newark/School of Health Professions
Rutgers University–Newark

LaShaundria's Story

Why Rutgers University–Newark?

The level of diversity at RU-N goes beyond nationality and ethnicity, but also includes different cultures, upbringings, ideals, and even responsibilities, which contributes to each student as a whole. These differences not only encourage passionate class discussion, as each student has a unique point of view, but also enables us to learn about different cultures around the world.

Best Experience So Far

My best experience at Rutgers-Newark was actually declaring my major. In that moment, I received so much encouragement and support from my advisor, possibly the most in all my time at Rutgers–Newark. It was just one of those moments where I was able to see that the faculty here truly care and contribute to the positive learning environment.

Career Plans, Goals, and Dreams

Becoming a doctor was always at the center of my future. That path that I have chosen to take has evolved as a result of being exposed to top-notch and caring professors who also work in different medical fields, as well as exposure to various classes and programs such as Clinical Laboratory Sciences.

What I love most about Rutgers University–­Newark…

What I love most about Rutgers University-Newark are the opportunities RU-N works so hard to provide. Whether it is the plethora of clubs and organizations that allows any student to grow as leader, find their voice, and even a future career; or through other available resources, such as the career development center, the study abroad program, and much more.