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“Being a leader on campus has provided great experiences on the Black Organization of Students Executive board and the Minority Association of Pre-Health Students organization.”
School of Arts & Sciences-Newark
Rutgers University–Newark

Halima's Story

Why Rutgers University-Newark?
Rutgers University-Newark has a great mix of college town feel and the urban access to the largest city in NJ. It’s my home away from home.  I also chose Rutgers University-Newark for its diverse environment–I knew studying here I would learn more about myself and indulge in other cultures.

Best Experience So Far
I was blessed to be crowned Mrs. Rutgers Newark. My friend at school wrote a beautiful article about me for MuslimGirl-an up and growing online news site. From there I had the opportunity to speak at different functions and I was invited to speak on Al Jazeera America. By winning Mrs. Rutgers I was given an opportunity to add to and change the narrative of being a Black Muslim Woman living in the United States.  

Faculty that is accessible
Rutgers University-Newark professors have the power to revolutionize the minds of students. I’ve been fortunate to have amazing professors at Rutgers University-Newark, who motivate and educate us. I had the opportunity to conduct quantitative research under instruction. I was blessed with an amazing Physics professor who motivated me not only to do well in Physics but also to have a different perspective on the sciences as a whole.

How has Rutgers University-Newark helped you achieve your career plans, goals and dreams?
I want to help women in less fortunate communities with birth deliveries including pre- and post-natal birth. Opportunities such as internships, research, and community service are bringing me closer to my goal. Rutgers University-Newark has so many opportunities for students to enhance their careers. Whether it’s mentoring, being a TA, running an organization, or putting together a rally to stand for justice, when a student is passionate about something at Rutgers there are ways to bring your vision into fruition.

What activities are you involved in?
I’m a part of Black Organization of Students and co-president of Minority Association of Pre-Health Students. I was part of the film Hijabi World where stories of Muslim women coming from different backgrounds and different struggles shared an indescribable fire of wanting change. I’m also a Peer Advisor through the Office of Academic Services. Finally, I perform spoken word at events in the Newark community.

Community Connection
Community Engagement Day through OSL has been one of my favorite community service projects offered at Rutgers. Community Engagement Day is an opportunity for students to realize that their Rutgers community is beyond the “Rutgers walls”. Our Rutgers community is made up of the shelter homes down the street, the middle school on the other side of Newark, and the beautiful parks around Newark.

I’m a part of the Chancellor’s Commission on Diversity and Transformation where administration, faculty, and students are given a platform to voice their opinions on how to make Rutgers a better and more dynamic learning space. These opportunities have given me the chance to use my talents to help my community and serve my student body and the people living in Newark. I’m so grateful.

What I love most about Rutgers University-Newark?
I love my diverse classrooms. I love that I can meet people from different countries and they can become my closest friends. I have friends from all over the world including Turkey, Dominican Republic, India, Pakistan, and many more and that’s a remarkable feeling. Rutgers-Newark has a beautiful environment where I have access to so many beautiful cultures.

One word to describe Rutgers University-Newark
Revolution. There are so many problems in our society and we are being given access to so much knowledge at Rutgers. As students we need to take this knowledge and manifest it into the different parts of our society that need improvement and change.  Programs such as EOF and organizations such as BOS prove that Rutgers University-Newark has become the legend it is because of those who were brave and courageous enough to stand up and demand change.