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“Being an EOF student has helped me feel part of a community from my first day on campus. My counselors have been my role models every step of the way. To be an EOF student is to be part of an extended family that supports you every day.”
Rutgers Business School
Rutgers University–Newark

Jessica S.

Why Rutgers-Newark?
I chose Rutgers because of its great Business program that would grant me a diploma with weighted value. I wanted to graduate from a university that would educate me in everything I wished to learn about business and apply it effectively. 

Best Experience So Far
My best experience has been networking through the clubs established and provided by the Rutgers Business School, which has allowed me to break out of my shell. And after going to Rutgers for three years now I can say that that is a skill I am most grateful to have gained.   

Career Plans, Goals, and Dreams
Rutgers has helped me achieve my goals by being interactive in club activities and speaking to any professor or counselor who might provide me with some insight on Supply Chain or Marketing. I have thus far been an e-board member in the Marketing Management Society, participated in career fairs, gone to company hosted events and more. Each helped me get closer to earn my degree and gaining a potential job in my major field.  

More Affordable Access
Rutgers has helped me financially through the EOF program by providing information sessions prior to my enrollment at Rutgers. These sessions allowed me to properly go about gaining aid through EOF but the Rutgers financial office have as well helped.  It’s an office that is ready and able to answer my questions on my aid for any particular semester.

Involved in
I have been involved in almost all the Rutgers business school clubs by either being an active member, going to the event provided by a club or being an e-board member. I was an e-board member for the Marketing and Management Society (MMS) under the role of Director of Member relations and later Vice President. Every role I have held with the Marketing and Management Society has helped me find my passion and get a step closer to the individual I wish to become. 

Community Connection
I have been involved in community projects through my time with the Marketing and Management Society. I worked closely with our Chief of Corporate Responsibility in order to reinforce her vision to give back to the community with events such as beach sweeps, feeding the homeless, and clothing drives. I have also created events co-sponsored by fellow business clubs to help facilitate business students with business professional and internship opportunities. 

What I love most about Rutgers University–Newark...
I love that I learned so much about different cultures here—what I have discovered about the Pakistani culture and its delicious food.  

Please describe Rutgers University-Newark in one word.
Diversity. This place is a great melting pot of so many wonderful cultures and customs.