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“Rutgers offers the environment that allows me to grow as an individual.”
Public and Nonprofit Administration
School of Public Affairs and Administration
Rutgers University–Newark

Rehtul's J. Story

Why Rutgers-Newark?
I chose Rutgers University–Newark because it offered many opportunities I could not be exposed to in other states. It is an out-of-state university that offers my major of interest. It carries a great reputation for future employers and accessibility to the NYC network. Having the opportunity to be a part of the Honors College program and participate in Division III athletics were two distinguish factors felt I could not let pass up at RU-N.

How has RU-N's Honors College experience impacted your student success?
Being a part of the Honors College here at Rutgers–Newark has opened up numerous opportunities for me and I am very grateful. I have been exposed to a variety of connections and internship experiences that I may not have otherwise known about if it was not for this program. It has also made me a more focused and well-rounded individual while learning the importance of maximizing time.

Explain a unique value of the honors college on your future.
I enjoyed my experience in the Honors College because it allowed me to align myself with other students who have similar interests and goals as I do. The ability to build relationships with people who I know will look out for my best interest and support me any way they can is something that is truly invaluable. I have met people in the Honors College who I believe will be my friends forever. Having to be in classes, do projects, community service hours, field trips with the people you came into the program with and being able to track each other’s successes along the way have been great!

The Honors College
The curriculum is a component of the program that I found most rewarding because it allowed me to broaden my perspective on many different topics. I enjoyed the topics shared in the Honors College courses. I was able to learn about things that I was interested in rather than just a requirement. I was excited about the chance to take seminars and hands-on learning courses instead of just lectures.

Best Experience So Far
My best experience was the internship at the office of the Public Defender this past summer. The internship was truly rewarding because it is directly linked with my career goals.

The RU-N Faculty
The faculty at RU-N are not content unless students are pushing themselves beyond the threshold of learning which is paramount to a student’s growth. My professors have pushed me to do above and beyond on projects and assignments.

Career Plans, Goals, and Dreams
The staff and support system here got me involved with many internship, community outreach, and mentorship opportunities that allowed me to give back to the community and invest in my future plans to become an attorney. It allowed me to learn from the best professors and counselors in the field of nonprofit administration and law. Rutgers is vibrant. The campus offers a number of cool and rewarding experiences and educational opportunities for a student body that is innovative, diverse, and bright.

More Affordable Access
Considering the fact that I am an out-of-state student, the Honors College offered me a renewable scholarship in order to offset the cost. My financial aid advisor has been working relentlessly to find an additional scholarship and grant aid, which would help lower the amount of loans I have to take out each semester.

Involved in
I am a part of the Honors College. I run Cross Country, Indoor and Outdoor Track & Field, and I am the Public Relations representative for the Student Outreach Council (SOC) organization for two years.

Community Connection
I have been a mentor for the Newark mentoring movement. My freshman year of college allowed me to connect with the surrounding community and give back to the youth who I have grown extremely passionate about helping. I love the diversity at Rutgers–Newark. I pride myself in being a well-rounded individual which means that I should be knowledgeable and accepting of different cultures, backgrounds, races, languages, etc.

One word to describe Rutgers UniversityNewark
Rutgers is vibrant. The campus offers a number of cool and rewarding experiences and educational opportunities for a student body that is innovative, diverse, and bright.