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“As Rutgers-Newark excels in major aspects like student diversity, academic instruction, and club activities, I have been able to develop social, professional, and leadership skills.”
School of Arts & Sciences-Newark
Rutgers University–Newark

Zahir's Story

Why Rutgers-Newark? 

Because RU-N is the most diverse campus in the nation, and provides great opportunities for internships and jobs upon graduating. 

Best Experience So Far 

The Greek Life here is quite entertaining, and being able to go with friends that I’ve met on campus has added to that experience. 

How does the faculty bring out the best in you?

Many of the professors here at RU-N strive to provide a helpful and interesting experience for students, and the competence of some professors that I’ve had has really amazed me, because they express passion and dedication to us as students.

Campus and residence experience for you...

I’ve met some really great people, some of whom are among my closest friends. Being able to return to a conveniently close dormitory has definitely enriched my college experience, and it is great to be able to invite friends over, hang out, and come back whenever I want without curfew.  I feel safe here.

An Affordable Education

I received quite generous grants and assistance to come here, and I was able to attend Rutgers my first year while paying very little out of pocket, which was great! 

Career Plans, Goals, and Dreams 

RU-N has definitely allowed me to experience different fields of work and gain an idea of what I want to pursue, pushing me in the direction of Psychology. 

Involved In

I’ve participated as a Volunteer Coordinator for the NJPIRG Student Chapter of Rutgers-Newark for the first semester in 2016. I also participated in recreational Volleyball for the Fall, which was awesome! Being involved in local organizations has definitely helped me develop my communication and social skills, and helped me contribute to society while meeting fun people in these organizations.

Community Connection 

I’ve volunteered and helped coordinate events in several campaigns like Voter Registration for NJPIRG, allowing me to gain insight on the nonprofit world, and what its like to work in those fields.

What I love most about Rutgers University-Newark…

What I love most about Rutgers University-Newark is its highly diverse and socially accepting environment that embraces all kinds of backgrounds and interests like the LGBT community and varying ethnic backgrounds.

Describe Rutgers University-Newark in one word  

Opportunity. RU-N has an abundant source of opportunities that allow so many different paths and directions for students to take, and because there are so many academic, social, and professional opportunities available, RU-N provides an amazing experience and value for its students.