The 2020 Rutgers fall application is open.

RU-N will waive the SAT/ACT test requirement for high school seniors applying to the fall 2020 semester due to cancellations/rescheduling of tests surrounding COVID-19.

Standardized Tests Now Optional for 2021 Applicants

 Due to the uncertainty of future test dates and availability of standardized tests, Rutgers will make submission of SAT and ACT test scores optional for students applying for spring or fall 2021 admission.




The charts below indicate the approximate SAT and ACT score ranges and grade-point averages for the middle 50% of students regularly admitted to Rutgers for fall 2016. Please note: "Middle 50%" means that 25% of regularly admitted students exceeded these ranges and 25% of regularly admitted students had scores and grade-point averages below these ranges. Rutgers conducts a holistic review of each student's application that takes into consideration many more factors than test scores and cumulative grade-point average.



Redesigned SAT score (M+ERW) Redesigned SAT-Math Redesigned SAT-ERW ACT Score High School GPA* High School Percentile Rank

School of Arts & Sciences-Newark

1110-1340 550-720 540-640 23-31 3.3-3.9 65-93
Rutgers Business School 1130-1290 570-680 550-620 22-28 3.3-3.8 58-89
School of Public Affairs and Administration 1090-1330 530-670 540-660 24-29 3.3-3.9 66-89
School of Criminal Justice 1050-1210 510-610 530-610 21-29 3.2-3.8 55-87

*Grade-point average is on a weighted scale from 0 ("F") to 4.5 ("A+").


School/College Cumulative College GPA**
School of Arts & Sciences-Newark 3.1-3.7
Rutgers Business School 3.1-3.7
School of Public Affairs and Administration 3.0-3.6
School of Criminal Justice 3.0-3.6

**Students transferring from a New Jersey county or community college should visit to view recommended courses.